Google Ads Management

Trust the competence and know-how of Innov8ive Marketing and expand your business with Google Ads. We specialize in Google Ads services for marketing managers, and business owners. Our Google Ads services assure that you’re spending wisely and generating as multiple sales and leads as plausible.

Google ads management

Appear when someone searches for what you offer

Google is where users search for what to buy, what to do, and where to go. Your ad can pop up on Google right at the moment when someone is searching for services and products like yours.

Houston’s Reliable PPC & Google Ads Company

Being one of the trusted Google Ads Management agencies in Houston, we understand that clicks are not sufficient for corporate growth and revenue. For every Google campaign, our mission is to generate maximum leads to produce a strong ROI. Our experts estimate the number of leads and the conversion and convert it into sales to secure a better yield. We handle everything from data to creative, growth to consulting.

What is Google Ads?

Google offers paid advertisements that pop up in search results on with the application of Google Ads or advertisements that surface on other websites through Google’s AdSense program and Display Network.

It enables users and businesses to market and reach the public that is involved in the services and products they offer on Google’s Search Network along with their channels of affiliate websites.

google ads management

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads work similar to bidding, although, unlike your standard auction where you’ll see people stand and call their bids, this takes place online. And you’re bidding to seize that number 1 rank in ad placement.

The Google Ads auction specializes in keywords – you (advertisers) select a list of keywords to target that is connected to your offerings, the words that customers are most likely to type when looking for your services/product. You then bid on these keywords, setting every bid on how much you are ready to pay for a Google user to click on your ad.

It then adopts your bid amount, the quality rate of your ad, and the relevant keyword to display your ad on, and then designates you an AdRank. The higher the rank, the higher your ads are evaluated. This implies you have more chances of people noticing your ad.

Reason to Invest in Google Ads

Easy to measure

Any money spent in Google Ads can be measured any time by the following metrics: the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, conversions, cost per click, and return on investment.

No minimum investment

The great thing regarding Google Ads is that you don’t have to make a minimum investment. You can launch with the least amount that you can spend easily. Slowly, you can raise the amount once you begin receiving results and feel bold enough with the process.

Increase your leads & conversions

Google Ads enables you to reach the extensive audience that Google has, and lead these users to your website.

google ads management

Follow A Targeted Approach

With Google Ads, you get the advantage of connecting to your target users instead of just advertising aimlessly. It enables you to choose certain interests for you to target your audience.

Instant results

Through PPC and Google Ads campaigns, you can receive real-time results and act to optimize your campaigns. With real-time findings, you can save money, time, and resources.


Retargeting is an approach that aims on targeting the audiences who once visited your website but left without converting. Google Ads offers remarketing, which allows you to present relevant ads to past audiences that make them more likely to return and engage with your services/product again.

Our Campaign Process

Our goal is to convert every currency you spend into multiple dollars of profit – generating a viable, productive campaign.

Fact-Checking Evaluation

When advertising, you have to ensure that your ad’s details are accurate. Therefore, we can help you fact-check your entire ads to ensure they are not misleading your audience.

Keyword Research for a Strong Foundation

Knowing the keyword to bid on is the basis of an effective campaign. We’ll look for keywords and costs to discover which keywords have the potential to provide a beneficial ROI.

google ads management

Ad Copy Creation Tool

We can help you draft the best ad copy that will lure many potential clients. We concentrate on what entirely your audience is searching for and why they must choose you, in just a few words.

Competitive Research

We study and examine your competitors and ensure to better rank your advertising campaigns.

Landing Page Design and Development

With a competent team, we can lead you in a surefire way and produce highly converting landing pages.

Optimized Bid Approach

Brands and businesses bid for ad space. When you collaborate with us, we will devise the most suitable approach to acquire the space that will captivate the majority of the customers.

Comprehensive Reporting and Monthly Meeting

Every month we’ll present you with a thorough summary of what was made and what the action is for the next month. We’ll also arrange a review conference with our company and yours.

Why Choose Us?

Double your revenue with our Google ads services

Research & Discovery

We make an effort to learn as much as feasible regarding your company, target users, and clients.


We regard highly communication and responsive assistance, which means we’re always reachable via phone or email whenever you need us.


As a digital marketing company, we have a team of highly qualified and proficient PPC consultants with years of practical experience in producing the best outcomes. Also, we have design and copywriting pros to produce high-impact ads & dynamic PPC landing pages.


Contrary to other digital marketing agencies, we’re an open book rather than a black box. You’ll get frequent updates on our work, so you grasp specifically where we’re at with your website design campaign.


With a skilled team and solid credentials in various digital marketing strategies, we are the Google advertising firm you can depend on provided that your pay-per-click campaign runs efficiently.

Collaborate with Us!

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Tell us your marketing goals, and we will present a custom quote, no long-term commitments or hidden charges.



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