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Your company’s logo and graphic design fixes the expression for how your potential customers see your services and products as the foundation for all your branding components. 

– therefore, investing in skilled professional desginers is necessary.

First impressions are the most prominent ones, and the impressions that your business logo and graphics make are the two-most valuable. consumers determine at a glimpse whether your company is reliable and adept. help them conclude with a custom logo and graphics that display your company in the right light.

Research has revealed that 48% of consumers are more likely to become loyal to a brand when they buy a product for the first time. this and several other demographics have recorded the importance of creating a first impression on the customers. logos can help businesses in their attempt to build a firsr and permanent positive effect on the audience and the target clients.

All companies have a logo and graphic that embodies its values and atributes in the industry and society. however, not all the logos are proficient in driving the business efficiently to the people. your logo and graphics typically represents a huge part in the marketing of an institution and its business in the ever-competitive industry.


your logo

Your logo must be visible: in your company, on your website, and your social media account. Hence, you need a logo that you will be satisfied to see wherever you go. And you likewise desire your logo to match with current trends. In terms of logo style, there are five general types:

Types of Logo

  1.  Lettermarks (Initials) – Lettermarks or monogram logos are logos that are made up of letters, normally brand/company initials. The lettermark is solely about simplicity. By using only a few letters, lettermarks are efficient at simplifying any company name.
  2.  Wordmark – They are also identified as logotypes are freestanding business names or acronyms that are outlined into a refined logo, like Google, eBay, and CNN.
  3.  Brandmark (Symbol or Icon) – A symbol can denote particular impressions a lot more compelling than text. Likewise, brandmark logos (which are made up of only a symbol or icon) can provide your viewers a precise description of your company’s name without the use of letters or words.
  4.  Abstract logo marks – An abstract mark is a special kind of pictorial logo. Rather than being an obvious model—such as an animal or tools—it’s an abstract spatial pattern that describes your company. Abstract marks work strongly since they summarize your brand into a single model.
  5.  Combination Mark (Text and Symbol) – 56% of the leading brands’ logos consist of both text and a symbol. They are so popular because it uses two of the most compelling elements in a logo; they cite the name of a company while blending it with a visual symbol.
  6.  Emblem – An emblem logo includes the business name inside the design. Emblem logos appear exceptional as an embroidered patch on logos; however, they may not look as clearly when smaller.

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Your graphics

Web graphics can exploit slices and image maps, and you can utilize an array of optimization options to make sure your portfolios display adequately on the site. An exceptional graphic design surely has the power of hard sell and we’re sure that you don’t want to miss an opportunity.

Types of Graphic Design for your Site

Whether you are a committed designer or looking for graphic design services for your business, it is vital to know some types of graphics design suited for your site.

  1. Visual Identity – In this type, it has logos, icons, typography, and color palettes — to put it in another way, the graphic design details that visually represent a company is at a standard level.
  2. User-Interface – UI design centers on the user’s visual expertise and the design of on-screen graphic elements such as menus, buttons, micro-interactions, and the likes. A UI designer must balance artistic application with technical efficacy.
  3. Motion Graphics – A motion graphic normally indicates a video with animation and narration and/or captions. Even though it can also apply to smaller-scale content such as an animated GIF.

What to Consider When Creating a Logo & Graphics for your Company?

The style of your logo and graphics must not cross the line – it will embody who you are as a company. When creating one, you have to ensure it will signify the company the proper way. There are several factors to remember such as:

  • How the logo and graphics will appear on your products
  • How it will look on advertising and marketing materials
  • How it will match your other branding insurance together
  • The views and emotions someone feels when they perceive your logo and graphics – Certain words, styles, shapes, and colors all stimulate emotional responses which will interpret into an emotional response to your company.

Why Business Logo and Graphic Design Is So Important To Your Business?

It Grabs Attention

A logo and graphic can instantly attract viewers’ attention and tell a company’s principles interestingly. One of the main purposes of all companies out there is for people to become aware of their name, remember, and recognize them along the streets.

Professional Look

Although you are a small company that doesn’t indicate you can’t achieve a professional look. A feeling of integrity and trust is shown through a logo and graphics that are professionally devised. A person tends to connect with a business that appears professional instead of an unprofessional one.


When you present your product/services a name, you offer them an identity. This identity requires an image, a look to accompany it, which is why you need a logo & graphics. Similar to huge companies, small ones have to know the value of branding their services/products.

Distinguishes you from the competition

Certain symbols appear to describe certain products or industries. A great logo and graphics mirrors who you are, though it must also differentiate you from everybody else. If executed in the right way, graphics and logo is an effective element that can help you dominate the competition in commerce.


Graphic design (and logo) is necessary for any company that wants to build authenticity and amplify loyalty in their business. The more consistent you are across the brand, the more consumers will believe your business and start to think of you as a leader in your profession.

Can Be Persuasive

Although you might not like to fully accept this, the ultimate goal of your entire marketing plan is to persuade people into purchasing your service or products.

Custom Graphic


Why You Need a Customized Logo & Graphic Design

While it’s commendable to attempt to save money when launching your business, there are some visual branding factors that you must never sacrifice, and your logo and graphics are among them.

Though logos and graphics cannot be traded, ideas can. When you’re searching for a logo & graphics design, you should get a designer who will submit a plan that meets your company’s objective. A state-of-the-art logo and graphics arouse attention and draw your consumers to link with your brand.

Another company may have the corresponding logo and graphics, or the following week a competitor might skim through the same page and buy that specific logo or design. There is certainly nothing stopping that from happening. The purpose of a logo and graphics is to differentiate yourself from your competitors; however, how can you achieve that if you possess the same logo and design?


As you can understand, you need a custom logo and graphics; it’s an important element of establishing a successful company and name.

At Innov8ive Marketing, we can create a logo and graphics that carry your brand’s name and deliver it smoothly to your target viewers. You can be confident that by engaging with us for your logo & graphic design needs in Texas, you are making a clever investment, and that you are going to obtain the most engaging symbols for your business. Call us at 832-257-3190 to book your consultation, and have a look at our portfolio here.



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