What is Google My Business and why is it important?

Google is becoming a huge part of how users find services and products in their locality. Using online directories like Google My Business, not only helps make your business easier to spot, but you can reach prospective clients that would otherwise have to walk by or find you in the old-fashioned telephone directory.

A frequent question among common entrepreneurs is, Why must I cite my business online? Not all traditional street-side businesses are knowledgeable about what Google My Business is and how important it is in this day’s aggressive digital industry.

What is google my business?

Google My Business (once known as Google Places for Business) is a tool for business owners that enables them to manage their online presence across Google, which includes search and Map. It lets you set up, verify and improve listing information to help and entice new clients and share information about what makes you different.

Considering a huge percentage of the population is utilizing Google, it means a large audience can see and browse your profile. The more visible you are, or the more frequent your business appears in SERPs — the higher the possibilities of catching the people’s eye. It’s a state-of-the-art and more efficient option to traditional advertisements.

What is google my business

Where does it appear?

When you search for a business on Google, the profile on the right side of the search results is Google My Business.

It presents online users with your business’ general information like location and operating hours, and customer reviews, as an example. Even if some of this content is already present on your website, GMB records the information you present for consistency across Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+.

Why Do You Need A Google My Business Listing?

So we’ve learned what Google My Business is – which is a tool by which you strengthen your Business Profile to improve its visibility and persuasiveness. Let’s now tackle ‘what does google my business do’ to know its importance

Interact with consumers

There are several methods consumers can engage with your Business Profile, and you use your Google My Business account to interact back with them. You can acknowledge reviews, respond to inquiries, allow direct messaging, and establish associated alerts. You can even utilize Google My Business to advertise posts to your Business Profile, the same as you would with Facebook and other social media sites.

What is Google my business and why is it important?

Makes Your Business Visible

Google My Business is a tool that places your business on a global map.

Google is making local SEO even better with its compelling Business Profiles; hence, a Google My Business account is necessary for any business seeking to boost its visibility in the local market.

A growing number of search requests are becoming geographically precise and Google’s algorithms have been improved to factor in user intent. Google takes more than 63,000 searches per second anyway, let alone Google’s “near me” searches have doubled in the last year.

Improves the SEO of your website and helps it rank better

Google My Business listings boost how you appear on search results for branded queries. It is important for local SEO as it allows your business listing to show up in local search results for searches particular to your services or products. Even general searches with significant volumes display local results, and this is a matter small business owners and companies can take advantage of.

It likewise enables users to attain listing information and acquire directions right from the SERPs, without visiting the website, which is ideal for mobile users.

What is google my business and why is it important

Attain Reviews and Boost Your Appeal

Several factors can affect a prospective customer’s purchase choice, including online reviews. With a Google My Business listing, consumers can evaluate your business and leave reviews for others to consider. By doing so, not only will you receive honest assessments regarding what you’re doing now and what you can do to be better, but you’ll additionally get that 5-star rating next to your profile on Google.

Given that you’re providing quality products and quality practice, eventually, you’ll begin to accumulate more reviews and a higher general rating (replying to queries helps with this. This is particularly advantageous when there are competing businesses in the vicinity and you have to earn a competitive advantage.

What is google my business and why is it important?

Learn how customers find you

Google My Business provides you valuable information about how clients find you and engage with your listing. You can monitor information concerning the number of queries for your business, questions for directions, and incoming calls. It also supplies you with data about which photos attract attention, and where your clients originate.

Secures Online Consistency

Inform your customers by refreshing your listing on Google My Business, like address, phone numbers, social media, and websites. Therefore, if you ever move to a new place or change your number, customers can reach and locate you in a breeze.

Among the things that can make customers dislike your business are looking for your contact info and taking pains to find you.

Adds Credibility

Google is a source that almost all individuals trust to give reliable and updated information. Considering the information presented in Google My Business regarding your business is from Google, it adds a sense of credibility in most customers’ eyes. Though, this additional credibility isn’t entirely built-in. This small increase simply works if your information is correct. If you edit your listing routinely and remain active, your information will seem more reliable to consumers and prospective customers.

Contact Innov8ive Marketing for Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business is among the most influential trends to promote how your business appears online and local search optimization. Take the first step to improve your business’s visibility by creating and optimizing your Business profile now!

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What is the purpose of Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that enables you to boost your Business Profile and business website on Google Search and Maps. With your Google My Business account, you can view and reach your clients, post updates to your Profile, and understand how customers are engaging with your business on Google.

Is Google My Business free?

GMB is absolutely free to use. Much like how the Google Maps app is free. Anyone can add a site to Google Maps without charge. The mere condition for using it is that you should have some personal interaction with your clients – simply put, you can’t work 100% online.

What can you do with Google My Business?

After you’ve created, and verified your GMB page for your business, the next step is to ensure it’s optimized. You must strive to include sufficient information as desirable on your GMB listing as practicable.

  1. Complete your profile
  2. Post relevant photos
  3.  Get your description right
  4. Post updates, news, and promotions
  5. Add special features and attributes
  6. Encourage customers to give feedback
  7. Respond to reviews

How to drive customer engagement on google with GMB?

Post images and special deals to your profile to back up what makes your business different, and supply customers with reasons to always choose you. Your customers can interact with you readily– by messaging, calling, or leaving reviews.